Grants For Charitable Purposes

Sir John Logan Campbell

Sir John Logan Campbell was one of the first European settlers to arrive in Auckland and was acclaimed as one of the city's founding fathers. Sir John, who was known as the "Father of Auckland" gifted Cornwall Park to the people of New Zealand in 1901.

Sir John Logan Campbell's Residuary Estate is held in Trust in perpetuity to distribute the income each year as directed by his Will.

Generally charitable objects will fall into the categories of:

The overriding requirement for each of these categories is that the purpose is of “public benefit” and that any grants are directly, in the first instance, for a sufficiently wide section of the community

Who Can Apply For Charitable Grants

We consider applications only from organisations within the "Provincial District of Auckland". This covers approximately that part of the country North of Te Kuiti, Taumaranui, Turangi and the Mahia Peninsula and up to Cape Reinga. (Please refer to attached Map)


As notified to previous applicants we have been undertaking a review of our grant process but with the Covid-19 pandemic this has meant a change to the application process for the 2020 to 2022 years. There is also uncertainty on what amount of income will be available for grants.

Therefore, the Trustees have decided that we will not be accepting applications for this year.

The Trust will target key Charitable social agencies in Gisborne, Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga, Thames, Auckland and Whangarei who provide regional services for the direct alleviation of poverty and homelessness by the provision of food banks and related health services .

The Trust will make funds available on an equitable basis to those agencies who wish to be supported. 



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